Tuesday, January 14, 2020

BackerKit Surveys for the Queens and Pirates Kickstarter campaign are Going Live!

Hey everybody! This is a message for our Backers from the Queens and Pirates Kickstarter campaign, which I'm trying to post everywhere so that it has its best chance of being seen...

We are beginning to send out the BackerKit surveys, so please watch for the email in your inbox or spam folder.

We are starting with the "smoke test" which sends out 5% of the emails to test the system. After that, they'll all go out. So, you should have your survey in your email box today or tomorrow.

When you get it, you'll see that it has a "deadline" near the top. Don't worry about that, you can still fill out the form just fine after that date. The deadline field was required, so we picked a "we hope to start shipping around this time." day.


The PDF links for the Queens and Wizards book went out in emails from DriveThruComics back in September. If you didn't get it, (check your Spam folders!) we are happy to resend. Don't trust comments to be seen, though, please contact us through the Queens and Pirates campaign page (click on "Created by Studio Foglio" in the upper right to find the blue "contact me" button) to be sure we see your message.

Cinderella PDF links will be announced later, when I've got the files ready.

Thank you, everyone!