Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ok, remember that Kickstarter campaign I was on about earlier?

Here's the proper information about the state of the campaign:

Our latest Kickstarter campaign: Girl Genius: Kings andWizards has now funded, and we’ve posted a few stretch goals! The Envelope of Madness is now active: and a variety of extras are added as the campaign rolls on. So far, we have a very nice poster, a cute wasp eater sticker, the bookmark, TPU student ID card, art card featuring Agatha and Colette, and, of course, the autographed bookplate. We have also now reached the deluxe medal stretch goal!

The campaign ends on the 19th, and we plan to ship the books straight from the printer for everyone who fills out their BackerKit survey in time. Just like last time, we will have the post-campaign BackerKit store open for a couple of weeks, but keep in mind that, this time, backers of the Kickstarter are getting a special “backers-only” price on the campaign exclusives–like the medal and campaign patch. We hope you’ll visit, if only for the free-to-all-visitors downloadable wallpaper posted near the bottom of the page.

Can I put a link in a caption? Let's find out!