Tuesday, February 5, 2019

We're going to Capricon in Chicago, February 14-17

Capricon is this month! This year, Phil is Artist Guest of Honor.
Also at the con will be: Seanan McGuire (Writer GoH), Doug Rice (Fan GoH), and Carrie Dahlby (Music GoH). I’ll be tagging along with Phil to watch the fun and do a reading from the upcoming Girl Genius novel. We’ll also be doing a new Girl Genius radio play, so if you’re up for an impromptu reading in front of a forgiving (we hope) audience, and want a part, talk to Phil at the con!

The convention is held in Chicago, at the Westin Chicago North Shore hotel, and runs February 14-17.


  1. Mike and I will see you there! (And, yes, I do think it's funny that we only encounter each other after flying thousands of miles away, when we could drive dozens of miles instead.)

    1. I am not "Unknown", even my profile says "Alice Bentley"

  2. I read that you are a fan of Magic. I have a card in the same condition I received it. It is called Gifts Given. Any interest? I would love a straight barter.

  3. I find it somewhat amusing that your blog chose ShadyCharacter as my name.

  4. Hi! I just wanted to say how much I love Tarvek's character development.